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Is a Career in Architecture for You?

Many people love the idea of designing and creating buildings. But is a career in architecture for you. Architecture attracts many original thinkers and creative people. It is said that architecture is in many ways the perfect blend of art and science. Architects must consider the aesthetics and also the logistics and safety and zoning concerns of any building they are working on. Architects are passionate people that choose their career out of a love for creating beautiful buildings. If you love buildings, then this may be the career for you. Many have chosen architecture as their career and have been very pleased with their career choice. It is a passionate career for many.

To become an architect you need to attend architecture school and obtain a license to practice your profession. A career in architecture is serious work. Architecture school for many is considered high-pressure and intense. If you love buildings and are passionate about architecture then you will enjoy school. While architects do make a comfortable living, this is not a career to choose simply because they do earn a good salary. You want to select your career out of a passion for what the actual job duties entail. If working on designing and creating buildings fills you with great enthusiasm then this could very well appeal to you very much. But it is important to keep in mind that it takes time to attend school and to obtain your license. You need to have both discipline and patience. This is not a career for the impatient. People are different. Some people enjoy the idea of being in school for awhile and others prefer to enter the working world immediately. It is important to understand your personality and your temperament. A serious career in architecture will involve your attending professional architecture school and then spending time obtaining a license.

This is a career for someone with both a logical and also a creative mind. You need to be good at math and also have a creative, artistic sense. Having a career in architecture means that you understanding zoning and safety regulations for buildings. You also understand the rules and regulations on what makes a historical landmark. You also understand what materials go into making a building so you can talk to builders and contractors. You need to be able to keep many “balls in the air” when you are an architecture. You have to have to type of mind that can absorb information. You also need to have excellent people skills. A client will come to you with an idea for a home or a corporate building and you need to interpret their idea into a building or structure. Sometimes the client does not give you all of the information. Or you need to alter their ideas due to zoning or safety. An architecture has a very interesting career, but a serious one that involves knowing a lot of information. Building buildings is serious and very dangerous work. If buildings are built wrong, someone could be seriously hurt. Building a building starts with the architect’s plans. So the architect needs to be accurate and sensible and at all times very logical.