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hMD Studio
4871 n. paulina, unit 1
Chicago, Illinois, 60640

Phone: 267.970.0841
Fax: 267.970.0842

Established: 2006
Firm Size: 4

No. of Architects: 1

Firm Introduction:
hMD Studio is a Chicago-based architecture studio. Our goal is to provide high-quality design services that are client-specific and deeply engrained in strong architectural values and sustainability. hMD Studio is not a market-driven firm, but a design-driven organization, that is not limited by architectural types. Because of our extensive experience with high-rise and large-scale commercial architecture, we feel that we can tackle complicated projects with an understanding unavailable to most.
  • Custom Furniture
  • Energy Saving Design
  • Environmentally Conscious Design
  • Housing (Single Family)
  • Kitchen Design
  • Transportation
Projects and Awards:
  • 2006 you, me and the bus finalist, Athens, GA
  • 2007 art-in-motion finalist, Lexington, KY
  • 2008 Temporary Outdoor Gallery Space honorable mention, Austin, TX
  • Credit - American House Today,
  • Sequence publication,


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