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Your Architect Listing

It is important to list yourself as an architect in a variety of places. This will help you obtain clients and develop visibility. How will clients find you, if they don’t know you exist? While some may shy away from doing extensive publicity campaigns, listing your architect firm or solo business is important and very necessary. Potential clients will find you through a variety of searches that will list architects that they could work with. So need to make certain that your architect firm or solo business is listed. You should be sure to list yourself where people can see your information. When doing your architect listing, consider what information people would want to know. They would want to have your contact information. They might also want to know about your schooling or credentials. They might want to know about any of your specialties. Your listing should include all pertinent information. Some locations you should be able to list this information and other locations you will be able to list different information. It is also very important to make sure they have the correct information. So double-check any information that you give someone to list, as this is the information that will be given to a potential client. You don’t want a potential client to be given a wrong telephone number or a name spelled wrong. Have someone in your office check your listing over before it is sent to be an architect listing in any directory.

You will certainly want to be listed with the A.I.A., the American Institute of Architects. Every state and region has a local chapter. When someone looks for an architect, they look for this architect listing. It is very important for any architect to be listed with the A.I.A.. The A.I.A. will also help a potential client find architects with certain specialties or credentials. If someone is looking for a “green” commercial architect, then the A.I.A. will help provide them with information about these specific architects in their area. You will want to give the A.I.A. all information about your architect firm or solo business. Think of what a potential client might want to know – and this is exactly what the A.I.A. should have at its fingertips.

Your architect listing should also be online. There may be certain directories online that you will want to be listed in. Or you may also choose to be listed with your local Chamber of Commerce. There could be other local or regional websites that you want your architect listing to be placed with. Many potential clients will be search for you initially on the Internet. So placing your listing on the Internet is critical in this day and age. Sometimes there may be the potential to list photographs of your best work, so people can see homes or other buildings that you have designed. You can also place a link to your website in your architect listing. This will help people find your website and view your full portfolio of work. There are so many benefits to being listed on the Internet. Wherever you list remember that your potential clients are looking for you!