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Design Search Associates

Posted on 01.16.18 
Job Title: Landscape Designer-Chicago
Job Location: Chicago, Illinois
Job Description: Design Search Associates serves as a strategic advisor to the top architecture and design firms seeking exceptional talent. Currently we are filling the following leadership opportunity and invite you to consider submitting your resume and professional portfolio.

Title – Landscape Designer
Location - Chicago, Illinois
Experience – 1-3 years
We are currently seeking a talented landscape designer to work with various project managers of our firm in a “right-hand-man” project support role. We are looking for a candidate that is collaborative and willing to take a proactive, “no task is too small” attitude towards everything you do. Excellent graphic communication skills are a prerequisite. We need someone who takes ownership in their work and who is accountable for checking each task for completeness and accuracy.

The ideal candidate will be self-governing and refuse to let challenges stop their accomplishment of a task. We are looking for someone skilled at problem solving who is comfortable finding alternative solutions and navigating around ‘roadblocks’ in order to offer the most effective support to the team and their project manager(s).
Day to day tasks will include, but are not limited to:

Drawing and rendering
Creating physical and Sketch Up models
Research / information gathering
Detail development
CD sets
Takeoffs / budgeting
Attend client and contractor meetings for the purposes of listening and note taking
Attend design review meetings for the purposes of listening and note taking
Meeting minutes
These are just some of the general tasks that you will be performing. All in all, we are a results driven company. We need you to be a vital team member - you will be expected to know as much as possible about each one of the projects you are involved in. Flexibility is a plus and we hope you are up for the challenge.

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