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Finding a Great Architect Job

Are you a recent architecture school graduate? You must be looking for your first architecture job. While competition may be stiff, there are architecture jobs available to be had. Keeping a positive attitude and having good research skills are very important. With consistent effort, you’ll be able to find a great architecture job that you’ll love. One thing to keep in mind is to widen your search to include a larger area. If you live near a large city, look for architecture jobs there. But don’t forget to include architecture firms that may be located in suburban or even rural areas. The perfect architect jobs may be truly diamonds in the rough that you simply have to work harder to locate. Everyone is going to try the most popular firms that everyone knows about. But what about trying some of the smaller architect firms? Look for firms that handle architecture specialties that you would like to soon be considered an expert in. Research the firms and learn about their work. When they learn about your persistence and dedication they may find a place for you. There are good architect jobs available – sometimes you need to look harder than the typical person will look.

Another great idea to locate architect firms is to think of buildings that you admire. You may already know who has designed them, but if you don’t – research who designed them. Learn more about these firms. This may be an excellent place for you to send your resume. There are architect jobs in many different locations. Applying at a place that has created one of your favorite building may be the perfect fit for you. Consider some of your designs and also what you would like to design in the future. If a firm fits your design sensibilities – then this would be a good match. It is important for your architect job to be a good match for you. You want to stay with a firm for awhile, at least five years to help develop your reputation.

Some architects go solo and create their own careers. Their architect jobs are self-created as they open their own shops so to speak. Many architects work for themselves. This may be an option for some to consider, but it will take capital for you to get started. You will also need a network of established people to help attract clients to you. Strong internships and experience may help you obtain the confidence to go out on your own. Some architects go solo after years of experience with an architect firm. So they begin by getting an architect job with a firm and then later they go out on their own. It is important to keep a five or a ten-year plan for your career so that you always have your career goals in mind. Many architects dream of not only going solo but having their own firms. This is certainly a dream you can realize. With persistence and dedication to your career, you can make any dream come true.