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VVIDIA Releases New generation of Super ComputersVVIDIA Releases New generation of Super Computers

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Posted: 12/08/08 08:24am  Reply with quote
VVIDIA Releases New generation of Super Computers

The world's first personal super computer was launched this week by US firm NVIDIA. With processing power some 250 more than the average PC, and costs starting as low as $4,000, this new visual technology could become a must-have for architectural practices.

Functions such as processor hungry renderings could be up to 1000 times faster says David Kirk, chief scientist at VVIDIA. Other uses for the Tesla supercomputers is expected to include processing brain and body scans.

The new computers use innovative "graphics processing units" (GPU), a technological breakthrough that will ultimately bring lightning speed to the mass market. Currently being aimed at scientific and research communities, Dell is believed to be planning to mass produce them soon.


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