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Are HR Professionals....... Professional?Are HR Professionals....... Professional?

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Posted: 12/29/09 07:21am  Reply with quote
Are HR Professionals....... Professional?

Some members have reported that many HR professionals are indifferent in the management of the talent acquisition process and usually do not field inquiries for employment and candidates are usually transferred to a generic voicemail with no return phone calls. Are they promoting their firm's good name to potential employees? .. or do they even care?.....will word of mouth will eventually catch up to them?

Do these HR professionals realize that an architectural firm's most valuable their talent? Are the CEO's of these firms aware of this practice? Have human resource professionals failed at managing architectural talent?

A&E Firms spend thousands of dollars to promote their firm to potential talent yearly and when the they have the talent before their very eyes, the HR Staff doesn't follow through in promoting future talent.

Firm principals entrust these people to recruit the best talent for their they really know how to go about this task? Do they even know where to look? Would they even know talent if it were in front of them? Would they even know a competent recruiter by interviewing them? You would think they would entrust this task to a design trained niche recruiter with years of experience.

That's exactly why senior level candidates try to bypass human resources in their job search and go directly to a responsible person. I strongly advocate bypassing HR on all levels.

Job Seekers, the first step is to educate yourself on how all this works.

The best publication to acquire is ASK THE HEADHUNTER by Nick Corcodilos . Check it out....I'm sure you will find this site informative and interesting.

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i agree with it
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